Milking Farms Automation

Milking Parlours

During milking, it is important to ensure good animal health, avoid stress and optimise milk yield and quality.


Our rotary milking parlour is specifically designed for advanced and large dairy farms. This parlour configuration is characterised by very high milking performance and effectiveness due to rigorous, constant and regular operations.

Milking Trolleys

Delmer's milking trolleys are among the simplest automatic milking solutions: a wheel-supported chassis is equipped with a complete milking system.


Milking Buckets

Delmer’s milking buckets are the ideal solution for milking small herds or animals in need of special care. Made in india and with outstanding materials to guarantee durability and easy cleaning, buckets are available in different litre capacities and materials.


RTS Pipeline

Round-the-barn pipeline milking systems are designed to allow the milking to take place in the barn and to deliver the milk directly to the bulk tank.


Milk Metering

Monitoring the milking performance of your animals at each milking provides you with full control over the health status and profitability of your herd.


Reliable pulsation has a significant impact on udder health and milking time. Our pulsators are specifically designed to guarantee proper, rapid and uniform milk ejection while respecting udder health and animal comfort.

Milking Clusters

Milking clusters with the right combination of components for a given milking system significantly improve milking productivity and ensure comfortable milking for both operators and animals.

Automatic Cluster Removers

Milking clusters with the right combination of components for a given milking system significantly improve milking productivity and ensure comfortable milking for both operators and animals.



The gravity slicers are designed for installation in small spaces , given the small overall dimensions, while offering, like all slicers, a great cutting capacity.


Liners are the only component of the milking machine that come into close contact with animal teats, Liners need to carefully selected to your target herd and machinery, and changed regulary.


  • Full assortment of various materials and sizes
  • Extremely resistant to fat, water, detergents and atmospheric agents

Milk Pumps

Milk pumps enable milk transfer from the receiver to the milk tank. Milk transfer has to be swift and gentle so that no bio-chemical alterations occur within the milk, altering the quality of the product.



  • Double monitor,support display brand logo,convenient for promote.
  • Double motor design (printing model),high effect,stabilization

DELMER Pre Teat Dip Solution

Del pre-dip solution are the best suitable product to ensure healthy milking process in dairy farming. Apply it to the teats of dairy animals before milking to ensure udder health, milk quality, and overall hygiene of your milking animal and herd.


DELMER Post Teat Dip Solution

Teat post-dip solutions are used after milking to promote udder health, prevent infections, and maintain milk quality. These solutions serve several important functions in the dairy industry



Del Fly Out is a highly effective and targeted solution for managing fly infestations in agricultural settings, specifically designed to safeguard the well-being of farm animals. Flies can be a nuisance and pose health risks to livestock, spreading diseases and causing stress among animals.


DELMER Alkline Cleaner

Del Alkaline Cleaner is a specialized cleaning solution crafted to meet the hygiene standards of dairy farming environments. This powerful alkaline cleaner is formulated to remove dairy residues effectively, milk stone, and bacterial build-up on equipment, surfaces, and utensils, ensuring a clean and sanitary environment for your dairy operations


DELMER Acid Detergent

Del Acid Detergent is a specialized cleaning solution that removes mineral deposits, hard water stains, and milk tone from dairy equipment, ensuring optimal hygiene and maintaining the integrity of your milking systems, which gives you the best option for hygienic solutions of dairy farming.


Delmer Sorting Gates

Delmer Sorting Gates are an innovative solution for efficient cattle herd management, providing farmers with a reliable and user-friendly tool to streamline sorting processes. Designed with the well-being of both cattle and operators in mind, these sorting gates offer precision and control in handling livestock, optimizing the management of your herd.



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