Weigh Bridge

When Selecting a truck scale, it is a very critical decision; as it can prove to be blessing or a curse for its owner for decades.


Multi Head Weigher

This particular weighing machine can be used for weighing of all types of small-sized , granular products, like prepared herbal medicine, tea, seeds, MSG, seasoning, coffee beans, chocolate beans, etc. And it's therefore useful in hotels.

Check Weigher

These machines are equipped with high precision HBM/ Mettler Toledo load cell for fast and accurate sampling. They are used in industries like Food, Pharma, Cosmetic & various FMCG.


Industrial Scale

They are affordable and compact, they are simple yet rugged weighing scales, specialty designed to suit various applications of industrial use.

Retail Scale

Here they use double monitor support display for the brand logo’s convenient promotion, Double motor design printing mode,high effect stabilization needed in case of retail industry.


Metal Detector

This weighing machine is new generation of intelligent metal detector. It has an adopted digital intelligent technology, which works intelligently on metal detection. This makes it's highly recommended product.


These are essentially made for tiny spaces. The gravity slicers are designed and installed in small spaces , given the small overall dimensions, and increase the cutting capacity.


BMI Scale

The body weight scale is majorly used in hospitals, clinics, schools, businesses and sports departments to calculate Body Mass weight. It helps in treatment and even overall body weight maintenance.

Jewellery Scale

Top-of-the-art technology for high - precision measurement of gold, precious metals and gems with a wide range of accuracy starting from 200 gm to 6000 gm.


LD Series Scale


These LD series range of high precision weighing scales are skilfully crafted to deliver reliable and accurate results to all consumers. They are Simple & Convenient to operate with highly intuitive interface will enhance user experience for regular weighing.

Truck Scale

WD7810 Truck scale combines the proven design of our weighbridge with Cost-effective analog load cells to deliver excellent value and are available at low rates


Digital Load cells without Junction Box

New Innovative technology Digital Load cells which is avoiding most culprit instrument "Junction Box" with many diagnostic features, self centering column design, available in various capacities like 20,30,40,50Tons


Digital WB Indicator

High end digital Indicator use both for Analog & Digital load cells.Indicator has built in electrical Isolation & Anti-static design, which decrease some phenomenon cause like serial interface damage load cell damage, unstable weight, communication problem. It has in- built lightening protection.



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