Multi Head weigher

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Applicable for weighing of all types of small-sized / dosed, granular products, such as prepared herbal medicine, tea, seeds, MSG, chicken essence seasoning, coffee beans, chocolate beans, etc.

  • Professional digital weighing module for high precision and good stability.
  • Control system: MCU or PLC (optional).
  • Touch screen interface has different levels of authorized access; up to 16 different languages for choice; application software upgraded through USB.
  • Factory parameters recovery function; 99 preset product parameters to meet different parameter program requirements.
  • Weighing hopper able to discharge in turn to effectively prevent products from blocking.
  • Weighing and counting function to meet diverse needs from customers.
  • Real-time display of amplitude of each vibration pan as well as product weight in each hopper to better monitor the running status of the machine.
  • Machine body with SUS304/316 for option; IP65 dust and waterproof design.
  • Cleaning function: able to make the hoppers in opening state for easy daily cleaning and maintenance.
  • Modular design of control system for easy maintenance and cost-saving.
  • Specifically designed for small granular products with high precision and fast working speed.
  • Compact size for space saving.
Number of Heads 9 - 30
Volume Of Hopper(Litres) 0.5 - 7.5
Maximum Speed (WPM) 45 - 300
Uses Snack Foods, Crops, Puffy Foods, Granules, Noodles, Powdery Meat, Sticky Products, Salads, Seafood, and much more.