Vacuum casting machine

vacuum pressure casting machine
All New Phoenix Series Vacuum Casting Machines :

Our Engineers have put 3 decades of DELMER's experience in casting technology at work in the brand new Phoenix series. Machines are capable to exceed expectations of high quality production of investment casting process for non-ferrous and precious metals.

  • 230V three-phase or 380-400V three-phase power supply
  • generator power 5 KW or 10 KW
  • maximum temperature of 1300 ° C
  • vacuum pump of 25 m3 / h
  • management of 2 different pressures, both negative and positive
  • positive pressure up to 200 mbar and negative up to -990 mbar in the upper fusion chamber
  • positive pressure up to 200 mbar and negative up to -990 mbar in the lower chamber of the die
  • maximum cylinder-mold size D = 120 mm height H = 250mm
  • crucible-plug replacement time less than 3 minutes
  • melt cycle times from 4 to 5 minutes
  • the melting cycles are controlled by a touch panel, and the software is complete with:

a) possibility of programming up to 50 types of mergers
b)management of alloy mixing during melting.
c) management of the pressurization of the upper chamber after loading the material
d) storage of the merger data
e) export with ethernet connection of the fusion data

Technical Data
Kg Kw A B H kg
VCD 10 10 kg gold 10 58 x 70 x 123 190
VCD 5 3-5 kg gold 5 58 x 70 x 123 190
VCD 2 1- 0,5 Kg gold 2,5 58 x 70 x 123 190