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The Ceramic Division is the production department that deals with the study, development and design of parts in technical ceramics and refractory ceramic fiber suitable for various applications. In particular, the production is concentrated on consumption parts in machines, but on request we can supply accessories for furnaces from other manufacturers or on special parts according the drawing specifications as well as consumable products like silicones, pastes or cements resistant to high temperatures.

Delmer Graphite is a firm specialized in the work and production of isostatic graphite and in the production of high temperature resistant refractory ceramic items. The combination of these two products and the experience developed in the casting field has given as result a special production for casting machine, horizontal casting and continuous casting machine.

A great importance is to be done to goldsmith and silversmith firms who have given their co-operation in the study of new methods in order to improve their working conditions. In the last years the increasing of requests has introduced the use of high technology graphite material and refractory ceramic.

Our production includes:
  • Isostatic graphite crucibles and dies for the production of wires, plates and tubes of different sizes.
  • Refractory ceramic jackets for continuous casting machine, static furnace and vacuum casting.
  • Extruded graphite crucibles with ceramic jacket fixed for static and electric furnaces.
  • Clay graphite crucible and refractory ceramic crucible for gas furnace used for the recuperation of precious metals.
  • Graphite stirrers and refractory ceramic stirrers for mixing.
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Refractory Ceramic

Graphite for Static Furnaces

Graphite for continuous Casting Machines

Graphite for Micro Casting Furnaces

Graphite for Melting Factories

Accessories & Insulators for Melting Factories


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