Milking Farms Automation

Milking Farms Automation


Delmer's mission is to guarantee the ideal air conditions by:

designing anddeveloping ventilation technologies to ensure the best environmental micro-climateon livestock farms

installing an innovative system that works on the recirculation and the destratification of the air in the stable;

mitigating the negative effects of heat production,water vapor, carbon dioxide and the concentration of harmful gases and dustin the environment by the animalsand the dejections they produce.

What can be done for you

Bad environmental conditions suchas hightemperatures, relative humidityand concentration of air pollutants cause in animalsdifficulties of adaptation, with a consequent reduction in the physical form that leadsto a falloff in productive and reproductive capacities.

Delmer designsand develops innovative ventilation technologies to guarantee optimal air conditions andfacilitate the environmental microclimate inthe zootechnical field.


the power of HVLS technology the charm of silence

Powered by synchronous motor with permanent magnets, they offer a high energy efficiency and are completely silent in working conditions.

Thanks to the integrated electronics, they perfectly work in line with the Delmer management system in Bus-bar field, allowing a complete control at the single heli fan level.

Assembled in a single die-cast aluminum, it guarantees a protection degree IP65 suitable for any work environment.

Complete with 5-blade impeller, they are available in standard 4, 5 and 6 meter diameters (customizable if needed).


usage versatility without sacrificing hvls technology

The weight, the smaller dimensions and the particular brackets are perfectly designed for all those situations where space is limited or where it is necessary to horizontally direct the air thrust.

Without renouncing the advantages of the technological innovation offered by the permanent magnet synchronous motor for a high energy efficiency and an extreme silence; the integrated electronics in bus communication for a complete control at the single fan level.

Complete with 5-blade impeller, they are available in the reduced standard sizes, from a 2.5-3 to 3.5 meter diameter (customizable if needed).


true efficiency and high reliability

Equipped with Super Premium Efficienty IE4 NORD Make engines, they achieve maximum efficiency thanks to the high integrated hvls technology.

Designed for intensive work, they take advantage of a proven system with a permanent magnet synchronous motor coupled in a shaft with a 97% performance gearbox.

The Syncro fan is currently the product with the highest energy saving in the market, equal to a 30% compared to anasynchronous IE3.

Complete with a 6-blade impeller, they are available in standard 4, 5 and 6 meter diameters (customizable if needed).

The Delmer concretises the maximum energy efficiency through the availability of latest generation fans combined with an intelligent system management.

High performance that reduces long-termoperating costs by using resources only in emergency.

The benefits of a proper ventilation are measured by the operating cost management, too.

  • Climate adaptable - Warmer in the winter, cooler in summer.
  • Airflows from 200,000 m³/h
  • Maximum Rotation Speed 93 RPM
  • Easy & quick installation with easy maintenance
  • Easily available parts
  • Less noisy and user friendly control panel
  • Low on energy consumption and hence economic
  • Work environment friendly and safe.


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