Milking Farms Automation

Milking Farms Automation


Scrapers manufactured by DELMER are entirely made in house with galvanized metal. They come with nylon rope or steel wire rope which helps in cleaning of stables and are safe for people working in the shed.

The software is installed in electronic panel and rings an alarm in case of any failure or hazard detected.

It is easy to install, easily readable, low power consumption upto 0.76 KW only.

It is computer controlled, programmed for upto 24 departures a day with low maintenance.

  • To and fro movements of scraper, up to once an hour, give a fast dry clean alley which reduces maintenance costs.
  • It cleans frequent urination done by cows thus reducing the concentration of ammonia in the barn with obvious benefits for animals and workers.
  • The scrapers Delmer are manufactured in two versions:
  • 1. For plane aisle surface without channel guide
  • 2. For aisle with channel guide (cm 4 x 4)
  • The Delmer scraper can be installed for both types of lanes - single or dual
  • The motor unit, built to operate 380 V / 50 Hz, through a simple modification is able to operate at 220 V (three phase)
  • The traction may be used as special Nylon braided rope with high tenacity Ø 18 mm, or a galvanized steel wire rope Ø 10 mm


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