Table Top Scale

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Most economical full featured Electronic Scale

Affordable and compact, simple yet rugged weighing scales, specially designed for use by retailers, shop keepers, households and small scale traders like grocery, poultry etc. These models with much higher accuracy are recommended for jewelers as silver series scales.

  • Remote display
  • RS 232 Interface
  • Thermal / TTF label Printer
  • Printer / label Printer (dot matrix)
  • Computer connectivity with software & networking
Table Top Class III
Model Capacity Readability Pan Size mm
SD2ST 2 kg 0.1 g 330x260
SD4ST 4 kg 0.2 g 330x260
SD10ST 10kg 0.5g 330x260
SD30ST 30kg 1.0g 330x260
SD40ST 40kg 2.0g 330x260
table top scale
Table Top Class II
Model Capacity Readability Pan Size mm
SD5RT 5 kg 0.5g 330 x 260
SD10RT 10kg 1.0g 330x260
SD20RT 20kg 2.0g 330x260
SD30RT 40kg 5.0g 330 x 260
SD40SB 40kg 2.0g 240 x 210


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